Welcome To lessons of the land 

We offer play based learning in an outdoor setting. The setting includes forest, field and playground. At Lessons of the Land, children have an opportunity to explore every part of the park and learn from their surroundings.


Each day begins with our hello song and a walk through the forest. By visiting the same forest each week, the children are able to explore and connect with the land over time. On this land they will witness the earth's natural cycles and transformations. Mushrooms appearing after rain. The peacefulness of snow resting on bare branches. New plant life emerging as we hear the first Robin's song of the season.

Our mentors share songs, games, and stories to inspire the children. While playing in and around the forest, imagination and curiosity are strongly encouraged. Some days we may learn about physics and gravity by rolling different objects down the slides on the playground. We may practice following tracks in the mud or building a fort in the woods. Together, the land, the children and the mentors each play a role in allowing the curriculum to emerge as the days and seasons unfold.


Led by a certified Early Childhood Educator, with at least 2 adults and up to 10 children at a time.


We gather at Bonnington Park on Mondays from 9am - 11:30am


Fee $25/day

preschool: agEs 3-5

Jenni Stol

Jenni grew up on the BC coast, following her love of nature to a biology degree and field jobs studying all kinds of animals from zooplankton to sturgeon, snowshoe hares, and beluga whales. She has also worked as a naturalist and environmental educator. Jenni holds a master’s degree in environment and management and completed the fish, wildlife and recreation program at BCIT.

She spent five years as an environmental consultant in the Fraser Valley before moving to Nelson in 2013 with her family. These days she is enjoying getting outside with her two kids to explore the amazing forests, mountains and waterways that make up this spectacular part of the province.  As the leader of NatureKids Nelson, Jenni has experience organizing exciting and educational outings for other nature-loving families.


Kathy Sager


Kathy is developing Lessons of the Land because she believes every child deserves the opportunity to feel empowered through their connection with the earth and the community around them.

She is inspired by being outdoors, and loves to share the wonders of nature with the children around her. Kathy began working with youth over ten years ago, and has two young daughters of her own. She became a certified Early Childhood Educator in 2009. Kathy is the published author of children's sourdough baking story and recipe book - Susie's Sourdough Circus. She also operates a licensed child care centre.

In August 2017, Kathy completed the Fresh Air Learning Forest School Training. She is enthusiastic about wild plant medicine,

growing food, sourdough baking, making drums and rattles,

natural building, wilderness skills and learning from the world around her. As a musician and Kindermusik teacher, she brings her love of song and movement to the children in her care. 

Social . Emotional . Physical . Spiritual . Cognitive


Angela Meilleur


Growing up in a small town in Ontario, Angela spent most of her time playing outdoors, creating art and helping care for children at her mom's home-based daycare. She gained a Diploma in Animation at Algonquin College before moving to BC in 2004, to be closer to the mountains. She began volunteering with child and youth at her local community centre, which helped her win a scholarship for "best exemplifying the values of excellence, caring and community spirit." Angela went on to complete the Special Education Assistant Diploma Program at Stenberg College. Upon graduation she was hired by the Vancouver School Board. 


Wanting to be closer to the enchanted outdoors, she moved to Nelson in 2010, where she was hired as an Education Assistant with the local School District 8. Angela has recently resigned from this position, to be a stay at home mom to her three year daughter, and two rescue dogs.  

Angela is excited about volunteering with Lessons of the Land Preschool and hopes to share her hobbies of mushroom picking, foraging, hiking, rock and gem collecting and creative hands-on activities with the group.

Kyle Hollings

Kyle grew up on Vancouver Island, in the heart of the Comox Valley. He was born in Courtenay and spent most of his youth exploring and playing in the forests, beaches, rivers and mountains of the area. Hiking, swimming and camping for much of his life, he is truly a lover of nature and a steward of the environment around him.

Kyle has had many occupations throughout his life, ranging from child care to sushi chef, wild mushroom harvester, carpenter, insulation installer and painter. You could say he is a jack of all trades. Kyle is also a dedicated musician.

After living in the Kootenays for the past four years, he feels much at home in this rugged landscape. There is still so much beauty to explore and he looks forward to doing so with his partner Kathy and their two young daughters.

At Lessons of the Land we offer nature and connection-based learning in an outdoor setting for young children. Join us in the forest where we can feel the breeze on our faces, smell the rich earth beneath our feet, and join the birds in song. Learn about the snails and worms that poke their heads out in the rain.  

Nature-based care and learning contributes to all aspects of healthy development.

Outdoor learning For youth in the kootenays